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El Dorado Private School: History & Beginnings

El Dorado Private School had its beginnings in 1970 when Mrs. Virginia Berry and her daughter, Linda McDermott, decided to establish an educational preschool and kindergarten in North Phoenix. Prior to moving to Phoenix, Mrs. Berry had operated a preschool in Kansas for 10 years. Mrs. McDermott received her Masters in Elementary Education from Arizona State University.

With this experience and knowledge behind them, the school gained students and quickly enlarged from a two room school facility to six rooms, the most the property could handle. With a full enrollment each year and waiting lists growing, a second location was built in Scottsdale. This campus taught three year olds through kindergarten as well. After many years and parent requests, a small 1st-4th grade program was added at the Scottsdale location. This elementary program led to the building of a much larger, updated campus in the master-planned community of Grayhawk in North Scottsdale for all of El Dorado's students. At its opening in 1996, the Grayhawk campus served three year olds through fifth grade. With two separate expansions in the years that followed, the campus now has a full middle school program and houses students from preschool through eighth grade.

Throughout the past four-plus decades, the goal has always been to provide a learning institution that would offer an advanced educational curriculum to promote a higher academic level while maintaining a strong sense of family and community. El Dorado Private School continues this proud tradition, and will for years to come.

Virginia Berry


Linda McDermott