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Outstanding Faculty Mentors

Passionate Faculty Empowering Student Success

Ask our students and parents what sets El Dorado Private School apart and they'll say, "The teachers!" Renowned for their skill, passion, and mentoring hearts, El Dorado faculty model and inspire a lifelong love of learning, confidence, and optimism in their students. A collaborative peer environment empowers them to support and challenge each other to be the best they can be. Teachers are not limited to "teaching to a test". They have the flexibility to be creative in the classroom. Low student-teacher ratios enable plenty of one-to-one time. Working in partnership with fellow faculty, staff, and parents, they get to know and actively support each student throughout their entire El Dorado experience. This unique culture of mutual accountability and continuum of care for individual student success is at the heart of what makes the El Dorado experience exceptional. Faculty and staff work pro-actively to ensure that each student gets the attention he or she needs to achieve milestones, gain confidence, and excel on a social, emotional, and academic bases. These profound student-teacher relationships have an impact that lasts a lifetime. In fact, many graduates return to campus on a regular basis, maintaining active mentoring relationships with their teachers throughout high school and college.
"Teachers make learing fun. They trust us."
     - Student
"Teachers build relationships beyond the classroom."
     - Alumnus
"They encourage children to speak up, to have a voice, and how to communicate."
     - Parent