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The Benefit of a Pre-K through 8th Grade Program

The Best of Both Worlds

At El Dorado Private School, we believe strongly in the inherent and invaluable developmental benefits of a Pre-K through 8th grade only program. Here, middle school students get the best of both worlds. They get to be "the big kids" on campus - leaders and role models for younger students - while still being allowed to be "just a kid," navigating the journey through adolescence in a safe, nurturing, supportive environment. Absent the peer pressure of older students, they enjoy the freedom to be themselves. In this positive learning community, they develop the strength of character and confidence to learn how to stand up for what they believe in - their values and principles. Building on this strong, solid foundation, our graduates are able to make the transition from middle to high school while still being safely supported by home and family. They learn to trust in themselves and their ability to manage change and adapt to new environments before the profound transition to college.
"Prepared me for the self accountability I needed to keep me on track."
     - Alumnus
"Our students are all getting into the best private high schools."
     - Parent
"I learned to balance academics with life."
     - Alumnus