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The individualized, comprehensive program for our Elementary grades offers a wide variety of studies and activities to prepare your child for higher education. Flexible learning experiences and groups have been designed to meet the changing needs of our individual students. Specific areas of study include Language & Literacy, Reading Comprehension, Creative Writing, Spelling, Math, Science & Technology. All of these programs are taught using a wide variety of methodologies such as thematic units, multi-media, problem-solving strategies, group projects, hands-on activities, experimental exploration, real-time practice skills, and the use of current technology. El Dorado's highly qualified teachers are dedicated to making learning a positive and self-motivating experience for your child.

Through Social Studies, Music, Spanish, and Art, our students gain an understanding of a variety of cultures and customs from around the world. The social studies include political, economic, cultural, and environmental aspect of societies in the past, present, and future. Our elementary students are equipped with the knowledge and understanding of the past necessary for coping with the present and planning for the future along with enabling them to understand and participate effectively in their world. In Music, elementary students use their voices, bodies, and rhythm instruments to develop their musical skills, begin playing the recorder to further enhance beginning note reading and ear training, and are introduced to playing the violin and brass instruments. The Spanish classes include a first year of auditory instruction and three years of reading, writing, and literature. Our primary Art program provides activities based on the elements of design - line, shape, form, texture, space, color, and value. In Physical Education and Health, your child will learn to develop body management and have a good attitude toward physical fitness, develop positive self-esteem, and will identify various similarities and differences among people of the world. 

Technology is integrated into the curriculum with the use of SmartBoards and iPads in each classroom. Class sets of iPads are available for all elementary grades and are an integral learning tool for each of our elementary students. Technology supports literacy and encourages speaking, reading, writing, and listening through formal and informal language opportunities. The elementary students will use tools such as digital cameras, scanners, and computer software to show information, create stories and pictures, and build graphs.

Through El Dorado's innovative and comprehensive curriculum, your child will be prepared for the academic challenges of middle school.

Class Hours:

8:30AM - 3:15PM

Current ratios:

16 students to 1 teacher