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El Dorado's Kindergarten curriculum involves a comprehensive, all-day program that is designed to encourage and support children's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. It reflects the openhearted and imaginative way that young children meet the world in a small class size setting. 

Our Kindergarten curriculum in Language & Literacy and Math, includes individualized reading, phonics, spelling, creative writing, handwriting, math concepts with addition and subtraction, telling time, measuring, and coin recognition and value. The teachers deliver instruction in whole or small group settings to meet individual needs.

The curriculum features thematic units in which our students are able to explore the areas of Science and Social Studies. The students participate in hands-on activities utilizing art projects, dramatic plays, cooking, science experiments, and community interaction. Basic Spanish and Technology awareness skills are also included in the curriculum and taught by specialized teachers. The Music program develops skills in singing a variety of children's songs and involves participation in rhythm band. Classroom iPads are used to further enhance the student's exploration and learning of skills being taught.

Learning is fun! El Dorado teaches a myriad of social skills through physical education, music and rhythm band, creative art, and messy media! Our Kindergarten children are delighted with this positive and creative environment. The students also participate in educational field trips and special programs. Presentations are brought to school that build on classroom learning. They love to learn about our world and its many interesting subjects from past to present.

Our Kindergarten program prepares your child to enter our elementary grades with confidence.

* For students desiring early entrance into our kindergarten program (born between September 1 and December 31), please contact the front office for more information and additional requirements to the admissions process.

Class Hours:

9:00AM - 3:00PM

Current ratio:

12 students to 1 teacher