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Spanish Language

The Spanish curriculum at El Dorado covers the 5 C's of Foreign Language - Communication, Communities, Cultures, Connections, and Comparisons. The overall curriculum covers vocabulary and grammar, practical conversational skills, literature, customs and traditions of our neighboring country, Mexico, along with movies and games in Spanish. Beginning with our youngest Spanish learners In preschool and kindergarten, an emphasis is placed on simple Spanish vocabulary such as counting, colors and shapes, family members, parts of the body, and names of animals. Students also learn simple sentences and phrases. As our students get older and enter the elementary grades, they begin learning more conversational skills, speaking and writing sentences, as well as reading and listening to Spanish short stories. Our middle school Spanish program focuses on advancing conversational and grammatical aptitudes along with the integration of a Social Studies curriculum, pinpointing modern Mexico and its important historical events.

The overall goal of the program is to motivate students while at the same time providing them with a positive experience in a second language, which is so essential in today’s society. After completing the Spanish program at El Dorado, most of our students test into the Honors Spanish classes at the high school level.